Your Fill-In Management Specialist

With a rich history spanning 35 years in transportation and logistics management, I bring a depth of knowledge, a passion for efficiency, and a hands-on approach to every role I fill. My journey through various facets of the industry, from startups and team leadership to financial management and bookkeeping, has equipped me with a unique skill set and a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to lead successfully.

From Humble Beginnings to Leadership Roles

In 2002, I ventured into the non-emergency transport and shuttle services sector, growing a single vehicle operation into a fleet of 45. Through strategic planning and strong leadership, I expanded operations, established a second location, and achieved significant revenue growth.

My entrepreneurial spirit took flight in 1990 when I established a fuel delivery business. Through unwavering dedication and strategic decision-making, the company flourished, culminating in its acquisition by a nationwide fuel conglomerate in 1998. This transition paved the way for my role as Regional Vice President, where I honed my leadership and operational skills.

Expanding Horizons: A Foray into Non-Emergency Transport and Shuttle Services

Leveraging Financial Expertise

From 2015 to 2018, I expanded my skill set, taking on roles as a business broker and bookkeeper. In these capacities, I successfully facilitated numerous transactions and offered crucial financial services and insights to my clients. This experience not only diversified my expertise but also reinforced my versatility and capability to navigate complex financial landscapes.

Driving Efficiency in Expedited Freight Logistics

Since 2017, I have been at the helm of logistics for a nationwide expedited freight business, focusing on optimizing routes, negotiating rates, and developing software to boost operational efficiency.

A Hands-On Leader Ready to Step In

My career has been defined by a hands-on, blue-collar approach to management, connecting with teams at all levels and thriving in various operational contexts. Now, I am poised to bring my wealth of experience to temporary transportation management, ensuring stability and continuity for your business during times of transition.

Let's collaborate to ensure the resilience and success of your operations, no matter the challenges ahead.